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Color Analysis

Psychologists have determined that colour is the first thing noticed about a person. Wearing your best range of colours will make you look younger, healthier, vibrant and energetic. While wearing unflattering colours can make you look older, ill, exhausted or dull.

Its impact is immediate and lasting. It affects our mood, it can make us look slimmer or larger, taller or shorter and younger or older. Colour dramatically affects the overall impression we make on others.

Ever looked in the mirror and felt you look dull, boring?

Are you confused about which colours suit you best?

Through a sophisticated colour consultation we will determine the most suitable colours for you. You will belong to 1 of 12 potential colour groups.

A colour consultation allows you to wear a larger range of colours – confidently! It will encourage you to wear colours you’ve never tried wearing before, and almost immediately you'll be glowing in these new choices!

The Correct Colours will contour, define bone structure; improve skin texture; smooth lines, shadows; even out skin imperfections, define the eye area.

The Incorrect Colours could make you look tired, depressed, and unapproachable, dulls complexion, physically distorts the face shape, show pigmentation marks and accentuates lines.

During a colour consultation you will find out:

  • Which of one 12 Colour groups you belong to
  • Your skin's undertone and overtone
  • Which fabrics are the best for you
  • What types of patterns work best on you
  • The required contrast level(s) for your clothes and hair colour
  • Harmonious colour combinations
  • Jewellery colour
  • Your ideal Hair colour options
  • Discover the link between your personality and your colouring
  • Uncover the Psychological effect of colour
  • Your ideal makeup colours

You will receive:

A personalised 38 page CD containing all the information delivered during a consultation including:

  • Your best Contrast Level
  • Fabric, texture and surface that works best for your colouring
  • Prints and patterns
  • Your colours as you age
  • Your best hair colour options and how to change Your Hair Colour
  • Makeup recommendations
  • Colour's impact on the body
  • Safe colour everyone can wear
  • How to wear black
  • Bending the rules of colour
  • Colour and body shape
  • The rules of colour in business
  • Face shape analysis

Also available are imported high quality customised colour swatches. They are made up of 60 of your best colours.


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