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Style and Figure Analysis

Why have a Style Consultation?

Dressing is Easy and Looking Good is Hard. The evidence is right there in your wardrobe, just look. There they are, all those poor orphan garments, limp, unworn and unloved. You ask yourself, 'What on earth ever possessed me to buy that?', or 'How on earth was I ever convinced that it looked fantastic on me?'

So why waste another cent on an outfit that doesn’t suit your body shape, one you never even wear? Cutting or colouring your hair without knowing what suits you best can result in a look that does nothing for you.

Let your next investment be a wise one – choose to find once and for all what suits you and what just doesn’t.

Dress to flatter your figure. Discover the clothing shapes that best suit your body's natural lines. Uncover the secret language of clothes and the rules of dress - so that you have total control over the impression you create through your personal style.

You will discover:

  • How to disguise the bits you want to hide and accentuate the bits you love
  • Which styles suit your Height, Body Shape, Neck Length, Face Shape and Age
  • Dress 5 kg’s lighter
  • Discover your best silhouette – garment design, shape, texture
  • Determine your face shape: to help you select Hair Styles, Eyewear and Earrings
Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion, it’s about knowing and respecting yourself for who you are and having the confidence to discover and project your unique image in a consistent and confident manner.

By improving your image you will:

  • Experience an increase in your self-confidence and self esteem
  • Improve your prospects for career advancement
  • Enjoy new and exciting social and romantic interactions
  • Shop in half the time and with much greater accuracy
  • Create a wardrobe of clothes that excite and inspire you

This consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will:

  • Stop you wasting money on clothes you rarely wear
  • Eliminate guesswork when shopping
  • Make shopping quicker and less stressful
  • Make your daily visit to your wardrobe one filled with inspiration instead of frustration
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Have others noticing the positive change in your appearance
Option during the Style and Figure Analysis – your own Personal Style Solution Guide. During the Style and Figure analysis you can opt for your own personalised Personal Style Solution – an online programme that you will be able to login to (you will receive a password that we create) and explore everything that suits you and doesn't.

Personalised: Made just for you. Everything about you is taken into consideration from your height, age, weight, problem area, vertical body type, horizontal body type, scale, face shape, shoulders, neck length and more. All the information is then combined to give you a clear picture of your needs. Recommendations are colour coded for easy identification (see example above.)

Comprehensive: Over 500 illustrations and 34 categories that cover every item you place on your body from underwear to coats, swimwear to evening attire, business wear to weekend casual, eyewear to hairstyles, shoes to eyewear.

Accurate: Researched constantly 'Your Personal Style Solutions' program combines a figure analysis and a style selector to ensure you get the most accurate information possible.

Up-to-date, Re-assessed and re-illustrated regularly to ensure it is in line with today's current looks. Unique: No other image program comes close to this one.

Easy to Use and Understand: No difficult concepts or terminology.

You will receive:

  • Notes on Style and Dressing to Flatter
  • Your Personal Style Portfolio
  • Shopping Guide book (optional)











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